CALS Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (CALS Shanghai for short) is a state owned holding company, established in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in December 2013 with 200 million RMB registered capital. CALS (Shanghai) is an operational platform in China for CALS (Dublin). CALS (Shanghai) covers the following business operations: aircraft and aviation equipment, electrical equipment, ships and industrial investment, etc. In the aviation field, CALS (Shanghai) engages in operating leasing and lease back for large civil aircraft and engine. CALS currently expands the leasing business of large medical equipment and equity investment business.

The management team of CALS (Shanghai) consists of elites with PhD or Master Degrees of famous universities such as Meiji University, HKU, Coventry University, etc. The professional education and experience in the aviation industry of the management team bring a solid base for the development of the company.

The shareholder of CALS (Shanghai), Zhong Guo Hua Yu Economic Development CO., Ltd (HUAYU for short) is a state-owned company established in China (Beijing) in April 1988. The shareholder of HUAYU is China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC for short) which is a central state-owned company controlled by State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission (SASAC for short) of the State Council of P.R. of China. HUAYU not only engages in traditional trading business areas such as petrochemical, metallurgy, textile and building materials, but also involves in the development of port, mining, real estate and new energy projects. In recent years, HUAYU has established many financial institutions and acquired several industrial companies, and the financial business is becoming its major operations, together with other industry operations. HUAYU has banks, bonding companies, investment fund companies, and other financial service companies.

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By the end of 2015, the total assets of HUAYU exceed 15 billion yuan. HUAYU focuses in industrial investment and Mergers and Acquisitions of financial companies and listed companies. The shareholder of HUAYU is China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC for short, an important state owned company under the State Department). CNNC is composed of more than 100 companies and institutions. Today CNNC has about 100,000 employees. Among them there are about 36,000 professional and technical talents and 18 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Science.

China National Nuclear Corporation Profile


Holding an integrated industrial system of nuclear science, CNNC is the core of Chinese strategic nuclear power, and plays a leading role in the development and construction of Chinese nuclear power; the mission is to participate in the national defense and the development of national economy and the society. The development of the nuclear industry is one important component of a country’s power. CNNC is a major investor and proprietor of Chinese nuclear power station, a key company in technical development, a principal nuclear power designer, a supplier of nuclear fuel, an important nuclear power operation service provider and a professional supplier of nuclear instruments and other instruments. CNNC ensures the operation and security of nuclear power stations. By the end of 2014, it is reported that CNNC owns 394.618 billion RMB of total assets, 60.252 billion RMB of operating revenue, and 2.735 billion RMB of profits.