Jiedong Min


Mr. Min Jiedong is the chairman of China International Aviation Leasing Service Co., Ltd, CALS Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Shanghai CALS Aviation Equity Investment Funds Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Min Jiedong is a senior expert in aviation industry, an International Certified Senior Enterprise Risk Manager (CSERM) and a special researcher rewarded by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he also gains the widespread popularity with his professional knowledge and rich experience in global aviation field. Mr. Min has accumulated a wealth of personal relations in both airline companies and the aviation finance sector, which enables him to receive several honors, such as the New Financial Leader of China of 2015, New Financial figure of 2015, one of 10 Pioneer Figures of New Era in China of 2016, and National Labor Model of 2016. In 2017, Mr. Min Jiedong was honored as one of the “Top 10 Most Caring Entrepreneurs for the Next Generation in China”. In 2017, Min Jiedong was awarded as the "Peace Messenger"in the 29th International Week of Science and Peace by the Chinese Organizing Committee of the International Science and Peace Week and appointed as the Deputy Director of the Committee. Moreover, Min Jiedong was also honored as the "2017 Top 10 Leaders of Innovative Business Models in China". Mr. Min Jiedong also awarded as ‘’China Philanthropist of the Year 2017’’, “China Economic Figure of the Year 2017”, "Top Ten Figures of the Year 2017 on the Cutting-edge in Innovation and Development of Chinese Enterprises" and ‘’Leaders in Business Model Development in China 2017’’. In 2018, Mr. Min Jiedong won the title of “People’s Lead Role Model ”. On Jan. 29th, 2018,  Mr. Min Jiedong was elected as the Honorary Chairman of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Jinhua City.

As an experienced business man, Mr. Min started his career as the director of Liu He Electrical Appliance Factory (Jiangsu Province) in early 1980s. Then he continued his business life in several companies chronologically as general manager of Fubao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd and of Suzhou Fulida Enterprise, Chairman of Jiangsu Filida Group, head of Tongda Energy plc, general manager of China Unicom Yihongyuan Tech (Jiangsu) affiliate company and of Beijing Yihongyuan (Jiangsu) affiliate company, director of Suzhou Zhonghua Horse Culture Development Company.

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