Take aircraft leasing for example, Operational leasing means a lessee (an aircraft carrier who purchases aircraft), in accordance with their needs, submits purchase application to CALS, lessor. CALS will purchase the aircraft accordingly. Then, CALS will deliver the aircraft to the lessee. According to the obligations and rights of the operational leasing agreement signed by the two parties, lessee could operate the aircraft during the leasing term and pays the rents regularly. At the end of the leasing period, lessor will repossess the aircraft asset. Aircraft asset is high-tech intensive with a long service cycles and a good maintain of value, and is easy to be transferred or sold.

Besides, the rich experience in aircraft leasing will be served to medical leasing businesses.

The necessary equipment, equipment training and post-maintenance provided by CALS in the way of operational leasing. Providing venues and medical qualification for the use right of equipment, hospital pays the rents to CALS according to the equipment earnings agreed by both parties in the later period. The operational profits guarantee the rents to be payable.

CALS builds a close partnership with international giants of large medical equipment manufacturers including GE, Siemens, Philips and Toshiba and domestic manufactures including United Imaging, Mindray and other companies.