Forum for Development and Mode Innovation of Medical Consortium, co-held by CALS and YiCai, was successfully held in Shanghai
  • The author:CALS
  • Release time:2017-09-29
  • The number : 446

The event was held in Shanghai Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel. More than 150 people attended the meeting, ranging from governments, hospitals, large medical equipment suppliers, medical equipment lessors, pharmaceutical organizations, universities, consulting companies, sponsoring organizations as well as media.  

The attendants are Mr. Jin Chunlin, director of Shanghai Health Development Research, Mr. Min Jiedong, chairman of CALS Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, Mr. Chen Sijie, general manager of YiCai, Mr. Chen Zhen’er, vice president of Rui Jin Hospital Shanghai and Mr. Tanjun, vice president of Easthhospital, heads from governments and managers from hospitals in Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu and managers from Philips, Hitachi and other large foreign medical equipment suppliers attended the meeting. Journalist from YiCai and other media reported the medical consortium forum exclusively.


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