Sean Stein, the Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, Visited Xindacang Group with his team
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  • Release time:2018-04-25
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On Mar. 30th, Mr.Sean Stein, the Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, visit Xindacang Group Co., Ltd.  with his team. A friendly talk between Mr.Sean Stein and Mr. Min Jiedong, Chairman of the Board of Xindacang Group was successfully held. At the meeting, Mr. Min Jiedong first expressed his great welcome to Mr.Sean Stein and his team. Afterwards, Mr. Min Jiedong introduced the company’s various business to the delegation. First of all, Mr. Min had a brief introduction to various operating leases covering aircraft and large medical equipment, as well as investment in medical consortium equipment and proton tumor hospitals and equity investment business. Mr. Min also elaborated “Haoyoubang Life Beautiful Home” , a project which belongs to "New Commerce". The project aims to open tens of thousands of stores by offering more than 2000 "new, exotic and scarce" products to consumers, not only in China, but also all over the globe. “Haoyoubang Life Beautiful Home” provides supermarket and leisure facilities for the convenience of people’s life (mainly refers to convenience services) and cultural and spiritual civilization communication, etc. It aims to "bring the neighborhood closer and make the community more harmonious". At last, Mr. Min introduced the modern propertycrowding business model and explains the key part of this model.The delegation made their inquiries on a lot aspects, including the development of the “Haoyoubang Life Beautiful Home”, the projects on Modern Propertycrowding Platform, the relationship between the leading buyer and registered buyer, the personnel arrangement of Supervision Committee of Modern Propertycrowding, the way from which the investors get a return, and the the transaction of aircraft. Mr. Min made an explanation one by one. The Consul General Mr. Sean Stein said that Modern Propertycrowding is of an innovative significance, through which he knew more about this new business model. Mr. Min said that he would develop Modern Propertycrowding in the US and hope that the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai can provide talent information and corporate information on policy. Mr. Min also proposed that the US Consulate General in Shanghai facilitate visas for Chinese to work in the US. The delegation and Mr. Sean Stein had a full communication with Mr. Min in this regard. Finally, the meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere.



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