Mr. Min Jiedong, Chairman of the board of Xindacang Group, Visited Keystone Law Firm and Thistle Compliance in UK
  • The author:CALS
  • Release time:2018-04-28
  • The number : 179

On April 25th, 2018, Mr. Min Jiedong, Chairman of the board of Xindacang Group Co., Ltd. ("Xindacang Group" or "Group"), visited Keystone Law firm and Thistle Compliance in London, UK. Mr. Min consulted the professionals in Keystone Lawfirm (Mr. Tony Watts, the Group's lawyer in UK) and the managers in Thistle Compliance regarding how to carry out Modern Propertycrowding in UK. Professionals from the two institutions said that, in view of the rich theoretical knowledge and inspring practices in China, Modern Propertycrowding can be in fast development given the relevant conditions have matured. They can provide professional advice and support. Mr. Min expressed his appreciation to thier support and hoped to work together to promote the development of Modern in UK and even the globe.



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