Mr. Min Jiedong, Chairman of the Board of Xindacang Group, Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Group’s Hong Kong Branch
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      On May 3rd, Mr. Min Jiedong, chairman of the Board of Xindacang Group(the “Group”) attended the opening ceremony of the Group’s Hong Kong Branch, which is located on the 75th floor of the Hong Kong World Trade Centre. You can have a panoramic view on the famous Victoria Bay . In addition, the Hong Kong branch is surrounded by world-renowned financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, aircraft leasing companies, which will well promote the business development of Hong Kong Branch.

      The cocktail party for the opening ceremony officially began at 6:00 p.m. Mr. Min and Peter Huijbers, CEO of the Group’s Aviation Business, jointly cut the ribbon and delivered a brief speech afterwards. Mr. Min first expressed his thanks to Stephen Phillips, the Director-General of InvestHK; Dr. Jimmy Chiang, the Deputy Director-General of InvestHK; Priscilla Law, the Director of Financial Services Department; Willy Lam, the Manager of Financial Services Department; Benjamin Wong, the Director of Transport and Industry Department; Wallace Lau, the Deputy Secretary for Transport and Housing; Winsome Au, the Principal Assistant Secretary. He also expressed his thanks to the principals from banks (including Bank of China, Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, etc.), law firms (including BIRD&BIRD, Rui Bai, etc.), accounting firms (including KPMG, PwC, etc.), aircraft leasing companies, and media workers for their attendance. With its superior geographical position, developed financial services and sound supporting policies, the Hong Kong Branch will vigorously develop the aircraft leasing industry. The success of our cause also depends on the support from our distinguished guests and friends. The Hong Kong Branch will work hard to promote the prosperity of the Hong Kong and response to the "Belt and Road" initiative of China. In his speech, Mr. Peter Huijbers said he would promote the development of the aircraft leasing business under Mr. Min 's guidance.


                                             Mr. Min Jiedong takes photo with Stephen Phillips, the Director-General of InvestHK

      In the end, Stephen Phillips,the Director-General of InvestHK, Dr. Jimmy Chiang Mr Stephen Phillips, the Deputy Director-General and Wallace Lau, the Deputy Secretary for Transport and Housing and other distinguished guests expressed their best wishes to the Group’s business development in Hong Kong, and showed their determination to vigorously support the aircraft leasing business of Hong Kong Branch and boosts Xindacang Group to a new development level.


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