Mr. Min Jiedong, Chairman of the Board of Xindacang Group, Went to France for Research
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  • Release time:2018-05-16
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      On April 27th, after the trip to Dublin and London, Mr. Min Jiedong, chairman of the board of Xindacang Group, went to Paris, France for research. With the accompany of CALS Aviation Fintech(France)Co. Ltd.(the “Company”), Mr. Min met with experts in French domestic law, payment, block chain and other fields and consulted the company’s development proposals. He also gave specific instructions on the business development of the Company.

      Mr. Min. first met with Mr. Rochfelaire from the French firm Eurolaw and Ms. Baudouin from the Kramer Levin firm and had an in-depth discussion on the development prospects of the company’s business model in France from several aspects, from compliance, innovation, and business operability. At the beginning of this year, the company had obtained propertycrowding intermediary IFP licence, which allows the company to develop business in France. The company will continue to expand the business steadily in France and other European countries within a compliance framework. Both law firms will provide detailed legal advisory services throughout the whole process and ensure that the company's innovative business will be vigorously developed within compliance.


      At noon, Mr. Min was invited to meet with Ms. Joëlle Durieux, President of the French Organization for the Global Competitiveness of Financial Innovation, and Mr. Cyril Armange, head of Foreign Cooperation Branch. Both of them showed great interest in Modern Propertycrowding model, and said that they would fully support its development in France and Europe by providing technical assistance and government support. They were looking forward to the next meeting with Mr. Min.

      Founded in July, 2007 by Ms. Christine Lagarde, the French Economy Minister (she was served as the president of IMF later) , the French Organization for the Global Competitiveness of Financial Innovation aims to inspire and promote the development of innovative projects and R&D of high-value-added projects in the financial sector by taking concrete actions. The organization includes 500 members from the financial, technology and innovation economy. At present, there are 350 projects run by start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large businesses and colleges won the Financial Innovation Award.


      Mr. Min and Mr. Christophe Camborde, chairman of inBlocks, then had an in-depth conversation on topics such as the convergence of finance and technology. InBlocks is a well-known supplier of blockchain technology in France. The chairman of inBlocks, Mr. Christophe Camborde, has shown a strong willingness to establish technical cooperation with the company. In the future, both sides will hold in-depth discussions on the specific cooperation methods.

     During his trip to France, Mr. Min called on the staff from the company to work hard in 2018, and jointly promote the fast and vigorous development of Modern Propertycrowding in France. The staff from the company showed their determination to firmly promote the stable development of the company's business under the instruction of Mr. Min.

      On his trip to Europe, Mr. Min visited the Group’s subsidiary in Dublin, Ireland to guide work. He also went to London, UK and visited law firms and compliance companies and guided work in UK branch. In France, Mr. Min had visited law firms, associations, Fintech companies in Paris and made instructions on the French branch. It is a fruitful trip, which will promote the stable development of Modern Propertycrowding in Europe.


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